■■■ Dec 22nd , 2017 ■■■

ur shopping history became new,cuz a system was replaced with a new one.
and ur store credit has been reset.
If u want to move ur past data into new shopping system,plz refer to the following

November 10th ~ December 21st shopping history ➡ completed all date shift


① plz buy(L$1) “INFORMATION NC” in main store.
It is necessary to register ur name on new system.
we will refund L$1 as soon as work is completed.

② plz read NC and complete an application


⚠ We will record only product that re-delivery is possible.

⚠ When we are working on ur data(shopping history) shift, the product will be redelivered to u.
If it is unnecessary, plz delete it.
If u have much ur date(shopping history) , it will probably cause u trouble.
Plz apply this after thinking carefully!