■■■■■■ Dec 22nd , 2017 ■■■■■■

ur shopping history/redelivery list became new,cuz a system was replaced with a new one.
and ur store credit has been reset.
If u want to move ur past data into new shopping system,plz refer to the following

November 10th ~ December 21st shopping history ➡ completed all date shift

① plz buy(L$1) “INFORMATION NC” in main store.
It is necessary to register ur name on new system.
we will refund L$1 as soon as work is completed.

② plz read NC and complete an application


■■■■■■ Apr 15th , 2018 ■■■■■■

new information
E2V shopping system had announcement to finish business.
My store replaced new system in December 2017.but customer data before it are saved in E2V system.
All data will disappear on May 31st,2018.If u expect data transfer,plz hurry!


■■■■■■ May 20th , 2018 ■■■■■■

completed transferring all data!

☞ maybe ur hair has ended sale ⇒ check catalog

The data in E2V are lost on May 31st. we cannot confirm the data before November 2017.


■■■■■■ May 30th , 2018 ■■■■■■

new system came to receive all histories.
customer is necessary for no procedure! Those problems were all resolved.
thx for understanding.