[Sep 1st, 2017 update]
we sold a nail every each hands. but we include them in one box and sell it.

targeted for update : #001~#010,#014

▸ bento nail was made for Maitreya body Lara Hands and Slink Dynamic Hands
▸ VISTA hands dose not distribute an official template. we canceled sale and the making.
(include VISTA hands nail in #001~#010 )



check this again
▸ wear Maitreya/Slink bento hands
▸ check HUD(for hands) – default nail off
▸ detach other hands accessory
↳ ur hand size and a item position may be appointed by other item.
plz refer to designer of that item for this problem.



▸ NAIL may seem to slip off depending on SKIN which u wear.

▸ About nail for Slink Dynamic Hands
The ring may work from ur finger only a little. cuz this hands has unique original weight.

▸ When u attach Bento Nail, default nail OFF