how to use : right-click on item → [Menu] → [Buy] → [Store Credit]
If the balance of ur store credit is sufficient for the amount of money of item, item will be sent to u.


buy Gift Card :

choose and buy ➡ card500,100,2000,500
set the balance by myself ➡ custom card

↳custom card
① get custom gift card (L$0)
② wear it near topup terminal
③ pay ur favorite amount of L$ to topup terminal

⚠ If the balance is not reflected,plz detach card and wear it again.

how to use
wear gift card → right-click on item → [Menu] → [Buy] → [Gift Card]
look at giftcard → [Buy Now]


if u lose what was purchased at our shop, it can receive again.
when there r many lugs and item do not arrive, let’s use this after going back (ur home etc…)
These products are not recorded for ur history

how to use : touch → open ur site → choose need item


how to use : right-click on item → [Menu] → [Gift]



All sales are final and will be NO refund regardless of the reasons of claims. Also, we do NOT honor any and all product exchange requests.

We do not accept the request.(customize,color change…)
try DEMO by all means! plz purchase it after u understood.