19/05/2015 pink hustler


mini store open @ The Suger Garden Mall
tsg mesh head make-up applier ♥ 3style release!
adhesive bandages1:10color include / adhesive bandages2:10color include / beauty mark:5style include

💖 💕 💖 LIMO 💖 💕 💖


tsg mesh head app


If makeup is not displayed…

BUG is not found in HUD. a lot uses it without a problem
such a phenomenon happens quite often.

plz check this
▶ is ur mesh head latest version?
▶ do u wear “.tsg. (head name) Makeup Layers”?
▶ do u use “.tsg. Mesh Head Makeup Applier HUD”?
▶ click and apply HUD → confirm “Mesh Head Makeup Applier HUD” → exclude “Makeup Layers” → wear “Makeup Layers” again
▶ plz change an expression many times. and,plz finally choose “natural”

plz inquire of “TSG” a problem about MESH HEAD.
The Suger Garden ⇒ http://tsginsl.blogspot.com/


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