contract period : Apr 1st – Jun 31st
after having checked ur work, the contract may be extended



▸minimum 3post(3new item) / 1month
each item has a blog deadline, this deadline must be met.

▸when u blogging bento nail,It must be picture which a nail looks good to.
picture which a nail is hard to look like will not be accepted

▸must link to landmark(main store,event) all blogged items.

▸u cannot demand an item from us.
new item is kept for a certain period of time on BLOGOTEX, but will be deleted sometime.

▸add ur new pic to PINK HUSTLER official Flickr Group

▸there is a possibility to revoke the accreditation of bloggers. we reserve the right to refuse.we do not disclose the reason.

▸If u want a vacation(RL vacation), plz contact us.
we will suspend ur account temporarily.


we reserve the right to refuse.
those that are accepted will be contacted, plz do NOT ask!


❥❥❥ APPLICATION ☞ ⚠ CLOSED ⚠ sorry!