contract period :



▸The owner of PINK HUSTLER/PINK LION has a chronic illness and is often absent from SL.
therefore, a long-term contract might cause trouble, so it will be a short-term contract.
we will consult with u when the contract is extended.

▸minimum 3posts(3items) / 1month
each item has a blog deadline, this deadline must be met.

▸bento nails are not provided as they are not suitable for blogging.
there is a possibility of giving away nails depending on ur contribution.
whether u blog about it or not is at ur own discretion.

▸must link to landmark(main store,event) all blogged items.

▸u cannot demand an item from us.
new item is kept for a certain period of time on BLOGOTEX.

▸add ur new pic to PINK HUSTLER official Flickr Group

▸there is a possibility to revoke the accreditation of bloggers. we reserve the right to refuse.we do not disclose the reason.

we reserve the right to refuse.
those that are accepted will be contacted, plz do NOT ask.


❥❥❥ APPLICATION ☞ ⚠ CLOSED ⚠ sorry!